Book Review: Dolce Vita Style

Book Review: Dolce Vita Style – The fantastic creative energy of the 1960s took off with a burst of black and white: La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini. An instant cult film, it became a great classic of modernity and continues to affect generation after generation, legendary yet always contemporary. You may also like:  10 Free Ebooks with Interior Design Trends Made to Measure by Meyer Davis Architecture and Interiors Dolce Vita Style draws on the history that inspired the film in the theatrical Rome of the 50’s and sums up the innumerable influences that this cult film has had on so many of those in the worlds of movies, popular music, society, life, and fashion. Image by image, this book retraces the astonishing itinerary of a work that is a supreme emblem and a source of inexhaustible style.  You may also like:  Book Review: The Luxury Collection – Room With A View Book Review: Decorating with Carpets Interior Design Books: Kaleidoscope, Living in Color and Patterns Jean-Pierre Dufreigne is a film critic who is enamored of cinema. He has written eight novels and three essays. ISBN: 9782843237317 7.5 x 11.0 in – 19.5 x 28.0 cm 152 pages |…

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