Mix Metals Is The Perfect Design Trend For Your Mid-Century Living Room

Mix Metals – This spring we are mixing it up! This season it’s all about playing with both warm and cool metallic tones. Mixing the warmer tones of copper, gold or brass with the cooler tones of chrome, silver, and steel brings sophisticated dazzle to your interior. Today, Best Design Books is going to show you some ideas for experimenting with mix metals in your mid-century modern living room.            Metal isn’t just for the kitchen and bathroom, it can also liven up a living space. Typically larger than the kitchen or bath, the living room provides a larger playground, which is nice if you want to try new ideas. You can use lighting fixtures, fireplace tools, statues, supply accents, metal table-tops, the options are endless, and the good news is that they don’t have to match anymore. At the heart of this trend is the desire to personalize a living space. The combination of finishes gives a room the fresh feel of a custom-designed setup instead of the out-of-the-box environment of consistent metals. Furthermore, carefully chosen contrasting pieces suggest a collection over time, adding an individualized elegance to the room. The Konstantin Side Table has an elegant look full…

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