Download Free eBook: 100 Contemporary Rugs

Download Free eBook: 100 Contemporary Rugs – 100 Contemporary Rugs is the ultimate source of inspiration for interior designers who are looking for the perfect rug to create a unique living room set. Download Free eBook Now! Get inspired by a range of styles, high quality materials and sizes! See also: Free eBook: Modern Console Tables Including only the finest selection of the world’s top brands and designers like Alessandra Blanca and Peter Dunham, this is the beginning of a series of inspirational Interior Design Ebooks you will definitely want to collect.   There are a lot of traditional rules when it comes to the correct rug size, but most designers today will encourage you to break those rules. It’s your call, but keep in mind what is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Look to your furniture to determine the size; in a living room, rugs should offer plenty of coverage from one sofa to the next. After all, if there are too many gaps, its small size will be easy to notice. You should also keep in mind architectural cues. One near the front door is often just large enough to slightly surpass the door frame, while a narrow hallway…

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