Color Trends 2019: Pastel Vibes For Your Bathroom

Pastel Vibes – Pastels can be tough.  It’s awfully easy to make your home decor feel like it was designed for the Easter Bunny if you aren’t careful. But by combining pastels with sleek furniture, classic architecture, neutrals, dark colors, or a combination of any of these elements, you can totally make these pretty colors feel super chic and much less childish. For that reason, Best Design Books decided to show you some pastel pieces for your bathroom. Hope you feel inspired:   TORTOISE SUSPENSION CABINET  Black, grey and golden colours perfectly blend on this marvelous piece, inspired by the Tortoise hard outer shell. A perfect combination of superb design and foolproof functionality, this cabinet includes two spacious black lacquered drawers, as well as a lateral shelf. A great choice to maximize the space in your bathroom! CAY WALL LIGHT Nature in its rawest form flows through CAY Wall Light as lava flows during a volcano eruption. With a structure in matte casted brass, this brass sconce was designed to embody Nature’s ultimate scream. Place it in a bathroom or living room and it will fill it with a dazzling golden light. HELIOS MIRROR In Greek Mythology, Helios was the…

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