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Admire This Bedroom Inspired By India Mahdavi’s Style 

India Mahdavi – India Mahdavi is the reigning queen of color. She develops through her creations a certain vision of happiness and color, conceiving many places like bars, restaurants, retail concepts, clubs, and hotels. Today, Best Design Books decided to show you a bedroom inspired by India Mahdavi’s style. Hope you feel inspired:     PASTORIUS WALL LAMP Pastorius wall lamp has an industrial-chic style and features swing arms that are an American classic. Sophisticated and modern, Pastorius arm lamp complements any interior design. With a vintage feeling, the flexible lampshade has a matte black exterior and a matte white interior finishing. Pastorius accordion extension and flexible head make this industrial wall sconce perfect as a bedside reading lamp or as a workbench lighting. KAHN NIGHTSTAND  Kahn nightstand brings the strong presence of the Kahn collection into your bedroom. The wooden interior is glazed with a soft caramel tone producing a gorgeous effect as you open its drawers. A perfect furniture piece that will bring the elegance and luxury of the brand right next to you. HUDSON SIDE TABLE Inspired by the American Hudson River’s clear waters, this ideal contemporary side table Hudson is a modern design table so functional…

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