IN THE SPIRIT OF THE HAMPTONS BOOK – From May to September every year, society’s elite migrates to a small strip of land on the South Fork of Long Island, the Hamptons, one of the most exclusive and chic spots in the country. From the glamorous parties and unparalleled beaches to the mega-estates and its storied history, the Hamptons are magnetic. IN THE SPIRIT OF THE HAMPTONS BY KELLY KILLOREN BENSIMON FOREWORD BY PAMELA FIORI This beautifully illustrated updated edition of “In the Spirit of the Hamptons” by Kelly Killoren Bensimon, including a new foreword by Pamela Fiori, Combines photo archives and beautiful shots from famous vacationers, catpuring the past and present, the mix of culture, stunning beaches, exclusive homes, day-to-day small-town life and the people who have made the Hamptons such a unique place. See also: Book Review: La Collection Privée Christian Dior “You can see many celebrities enjoying themselves, like Paul McCartney going sailing or Stella McCartney on the bike. Ralph Lauren drives his extensive vintage car collection around the area while Donna Karan raised her family here and brought a shop and a restaurant to Sag Harbour. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller even spent their honeymoon in the…

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