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Interior Design

Fierce Lighting Ideas for Your House

Fierce Lighting ideas will be today’s topic. When decorating our house, we seek to always have stunning details in every corner, but don’t always know where or what to choose. Sometimes is a sofa, others a painting, but what about lighting? These essential details bright up the space, giving it wideness and colour. It is the essence of every room. So, today we will give you some inspiration on fierce lighting ideas for your whole house!   Fierce Lighting Ideas   Light up every corner of your house   This sophisticated living room is so full of light! BRABBU’s VELLUM Suspension really do make the difference. The velvet furniture when combined with these golden lights creates such a pleasant ambience, don’t you think?     See also: Get To Know Brabbu’s New Sofas Collection!       This is the perfect example of a modern yet sophisticated living room. The simple and mixed decoration when mingled with NAICCA Suspension Light finds the room syntony. The Quartz Crystal outshines the rest but doesn’t do too much. It fills the room with its powerful structure yet peaceful atmosphere.   Looking for children bedroom lighting ideas? Then you are in the right place. A main-white decoration, but with a lighting twist. HORUS II Suspension Light have…

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Bright, Fierce, Unique and Sophisticated – Modern Living Rooms

Modern Living Rooms are going to be today’s topic. The living room is the core element of a house. It is there that we gather with our friends and family and the place we seek to have some comfort. Homeowners not only give importance to the aesthetic but also the feeling that it brings to the room. Green is the color of harmony and renewal. As it echoes the hues of the natural world, it is one of the best colors for living rooms.     The golden shine that emanates from SEQUOIA Center Table, from MAYA Armchair, and from MALKIY Sofa together with the warm color explosion of some other elements evoke grandeur and royalty to this living room, inspired by the majestic crown jewels that have been in the British Royal Family for entire generations, so was this room designed to accompany a family for decades to come.     Get inspired by this white living room interior with light-colored furniture and natural touches for a breezy feel from the modern ESSEX Armchair upholstered in velvet and base in brushed aged brass, and the elegant SEQUOIA II Center Table. The distinct forest green marble top combines with the base in aged textured liquid metal matte and the…

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