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home interiors

green forest Green Forest Bound to Become the Most Adventurous Color of the Year featured 1 1140x500

Green Forest Bound to Become the Most Adventurous Color of the Year

Today, the Best Design Books blog returns with yet another fascinating and awe-inspiring moodboard created by Trendbook: Green Forest! This unique hue is bound to become one of the most adventurous colors to use during this year. This unique shade is all about offering a tropical and natural touch to your home interiors.     Green is a shade that springs with and natural vitality and effervescence, and perhaps because of its roots in nature, it’s also supremely versatile. Soft shades sing in sweet, personal zones, while bolder shades can add an untamed elegance. Deep greens are often inspired by nature and have the decor ability to bring properties of the outdoors into the interiors, without feeling overly arboreal.       When paired with brighter or muted hues, Green Forest makes a room feel like a Caribbean oasis. Make sure to also add potted plants, flowers, and warm wood tones into your interior decor, bringing it to new heights. This particular shade can also be seen as an accent colour, so if you also combine it with golden details you are bound to create a luxurious ambiance.   GET PRICE     GET PRICE Besides being an amazing choice…

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home interiors Introduce Round Shapes to Your Home Interiors for a Smoother Look featured 9 1 1140x500

Introduce Round Shapes to Your Home Interiors for a Smoother Look

Interior products with round shapes are pretty much present in every single interior space. These circular design elements can smooth the hard edges and give energy to the decor of your home. Today, the Best Design Books blog will show you a couple of moodboards that feature remarkable designs that do indeed offer more comfort and an extra layer of luxury to one’s home interiors.       Rooms that have only sharp edges and straight lines can create a feeling of too much order and lead to a sense of discomfort or inflexibility. Add just a few round elements as an accent to soften and relax a room. Rounded elements also offer a sense of clarity, precision and freshness into a room.         The definition of “round” goes way beyond just mere perfect circles as it can actually include ovals, egg-shapes, ellipses, arches, curls, cylinders, rings, among many others. The main idea here is that your home needs to have just a few rounded shapes in order to complement with the straight lines and square corners, which every home has, this way, it will tie your interiors together in a fashionable way.          …

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fringe design trend Be Inspired by Two Moodboards that Highlight the Fringe Design Trend featured 8 1 1140x500

Be Inspired by Two Moodboards that Highlight the Fringe Design Trend

With the spring fast approaching, one design trend that often becomes a success during this season is the fringe design trend. While this trend is more regularly used in the fashion world, many interior designers resort to fringing because it adds a unique touch to home interiors. Today, the Best Design Books blog explores two singular design moodboards that highlight many products that follow this outstanding trend, so take a look.       Originally used for furniture as a way to keep textile trims from unravelling, fringe has a long history in home decor, from Victorian lampshades to hippy 60s curtains. Love it or hate it, it’s a trend that always re-emerges in fashion and decor.   Alice suspension lamp by Home’Society   For many, this design trend can be a bit over the top and especially old-fashioned, however, nowadays, others actually see it as a fabulous way to add beautiful accents to a modern interior design while also adding a flair of Art Deco. The fringe trend is light and fun, young and glamorous, and it certainly offers a splendorous touch to one’s interiors.       Skyscraper floor lamp by Home’s Society   It is especially used in throw…

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home decor Introduce Floral Fabrics and Fauna Patterns Into Your Home Decor featured 8 1140x500

Introduce Floral Fabrics and Fauna Patterns Into Your Home Decor

With the arrival of spring, the interior design and home decor industry will once again be in a frenzy over floral fabrics and fauna patterns. These harmonious design elements help you bring nature inside your home interiors, giving it a fresher and more lively touch. Today, the Best Design books blog explores a bit more about these two styles, from tropical paradises to jungle-themed interiors and even blossoming designs.       One of the biggest trends for this year is romantic floral designs, including motifs of botanical flowers blooming to depictions of gardens. Floral fabrics come in all types of patterns and sizes and look their finest when incorporated in home decor elements such as wallpapers, curtains, pillows or even furniture designs. They come to add a strong yet graceful environment to any home interior.       Using patterns inspired by fauna is one of the best ways to bring nature back into your home. For example, one of the best examples that homeowners and interior designers swear by is when vibrant motifs of flowers coexist with soaring animals.         These patterns are often highly adorned and have a whimsical aesthetic to them in order…

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neutral colors Add a Zen Yet Timeless Touch to Your Interiors by Using Neutral Colors featured 7 1140x500

Add a Zen Yet Timeless Touch to Your Interiors by Using Neutral Colors

Over the past weeks, the Best Design Books blog has displayed a comprehensive range of design moodboards all focused on a particular theme. Today, we return to color trends with neutral colors. These sublime shades are often regarded as the great colors that do not oversaturate a space and actually complement really well other colors. There are endless possibilities to create a marvelous interior design using neutral tones, so now, take a look at a series of contemporary interiors that feature neutral tones as the main star!       In the context of interior design, neutral means without color. Neutrals such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and shades of white appear to be without color, but in many applications these hues often have undertones. Be aware of these underlying tones as you match colors or choose paint. For example, beige might have an undertone of pink, tan or gold. White might be slightly ivory, yellow, bluish or peachy. Neutrals can be used in decor in two basic ways — either as a soft, neutral only, quiet look or as background colors for dramatic accents.         If you prefer an all-neutral division, the best way to have a…

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neo mint Set the Mood of Your Home Decor Using the Creativity Tones of Neo Mint featured 4 1140x500

Set the Mood of Your Home Decor Using the Creativity Tones of Neo Mint

After exploring the phenomenal hues of Cloud Pink, the Best Design Books blogs returns yet again to talk about another trendy shade, Neo Mint. According to specialists in the field, this bright hue is bound to be one of the favourites in both 2019 and 2020, whether we are talking about the interior design or fashion industries. Trendbook has also created an outstanding moodboard that highlights the best qualities of this unique color, so let’s take a look.     Trend forecasting service WGSN has revealed that a pastel shade of green, coined “neo mint”, will dominate the worlds of fashion and interiors in the foreseeable future as we previously mentioned. According to the trend forecaster, which is headquartered in London, neo mint is a gender-neutral colour with “an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature”.       This gender-neutral color adds a sense of freshness and serenity. It is an oxygenating tone that is often associated with futuristic developments, especially in science and technology while also maintaining a deep seeded connection with nature.       Regarded as a creative color, Neo Mint is the perfect tone use in kid’s bedroom ideas or as a glowing…

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