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Learn the Best Ways to Introduce Gold Finishes Into Your Home Decor

While copper and rose gold were flashy and fun in the age of millennial pink, nowadays it isn’t as sought-after as one may believe. Gold finishes never got out of style and this year are used on the most on-trend furnishings and accessories giving them an unrivalled sense of opulence. As a matter of fact, gold is becoming one of the most sought-after accents in the industry simply because it looks in each and every room of the home! Today, the Best Design Books blog will explore a shiny design moodboards that gives inspirations on how one can introduce gold finishes not only in their home decor but also their furnishings.     Gold is extremely versatile when it comes to interior design as it combines with pretty much everything, from other textures and materials to colours and types of furnishings. Often associated with neoclassic, Art Deco, mid-century modern or more extravagant interiors, it is easy to make a sophisticated space with hints of bohemianism and solemnity.         This trend shows no signs of slowing down because it provides a glamorous touch to any interior space. It can be used in every type of home element, from chandeliers…

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See an Awe-Inspiring Moodboard of Abstract Art Geometrics for 2019

See an Awe-Inspiring Moodboard of Abstract Art Geometrics for 2019 ⇒ This year, one of the main design trends that will be quite the success is abstract art with geometric forms, meaning a lot of furniture designs and home accessories will be inspired by graphic geometrics, figurative shapes and a riot of primary colours. Trendbook has created an awe-inspiring moodboard that will make you imagine the marvellous shapes of works of art of Picasso or even Braque and you’ll want to somehow transform them into your home design. Today, the Best Design Books blog will show you a few interior designs that will do just the trick!     First, let’s start off by giving a bit of the background of this art form. The art of geometric abstraction can be seen in many cultures throughout history, not only in regards to decorative motifs but also the art pieces. The genre was gained popularity courtesy of avant-garde artists in the early twentieth century, however, its origins date back since the ancient times. Islamic art is a prime depiction of such with its geometric pattern-based art. Geometric patterns were often used to visually connect spirituality with science and art.      …

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Set the Mood of Your Home Decor Using the Creativity Tones of Neo Mint

After exploring the phenomenal hues of Cloud Pink, the Best Design Books blogs returns yet again to talk about another trendy shade, Neo Mint. According to specialists in the field, this bright hue is bound to be one of the favourites in both 2019 and 2020, whether we are talking about the interior design or fashion industries. Trendbook has also created an outstanding moodboard that highlights the best qualities of this unique color, so let’s take a look.     Trend forecasting service WGSN has revealed that a pastel shade of green, coined “neo mint”, will dominate the worlds of fashion and interiors in the foreseeable future as we previously mentioned. According to the trend forecaster, which is headquartered in London, neo mint is a gender-neutral colour with “an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature”.       This gender-neutral color adds a sense of freshness and serenity. It is an oxygenating tone that is often associated with futuristic developments, especially in science and technology while also maintaining a deep seeded connection with nature.       Regarded as a creative color, Neo Mint is the perfect tone use in kid’s bedroom ideas or as a glowing…

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