Guy Bourdin is the Image Maker and Star Photographer

Guy Bourdin is the Image Maker and Star Photographer – Guy Bourdin ranks high in the pantheon of the most important photographers of the second half of the twentieth century. Throughout his career, and notably as a star photographer through three decades for Vogue Paris, he dramatically extended the possibilities of what a fashion photograph could be, making images that are distinctive, intense, haunting, and unforgettable. A painter all his life and an ever-curious self-taught photographer, Guy Bourdin pursued his unique artistic vision with single-mindedness and absolute integrity. An instinctive Surrealist, creator of enigmatic narratives, and a maverick art director, he conceived timeless images that have remained a powerful influence and inspiration for successive generations. Born in Paris, Guy Bourdin began exhibiting drawings and painting in his early twenties. After becoming a protégé of the Surrealist artist Man Ray, Bourdin showed his first photography exhibition in 1952, with an introduction by his mentor in the catalog. Incredibly, this was just five years before he would exhibit his work at the International Photography Biennale in Venice. By 1955, Guy embarked on a long career of magazine editorials, with his first publication in the February issue of Vogue Paris entitled “Chapeaux Choc.”…

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