2019 Color Trends: Lighting Design

Lighting Design – If you love the retro style and neon lights then you need to read this article. Today, Best Design Books is going show the home interior color trends for 2019 with the Graphic Letters Collection by DelightFULL, a luxury lighting brand that focuses on the best combination of high-quality design and high-quality craftsmanship. LIGHT GREY LETTER W Popping the marquee letter W is making a having a WOW moment in your design project. One of the most emblematic letters of the collection, this pop script typeface with is handmade sleek forms add a state of pureness and stillness to any fitting decor. With a soothing light effect, this is subdued by the acrylic coating on the letter that can be customized on demand. A versatile piece, it can be used on walls or floors as well as interiors and exterior projects. ORANGE LETTER G Greatness is achieved by having the right lighting design at the right time. That’s why this marquee letter marks the era of greatness. Waking up the senses, this handmade graphic letter has a height of 1 meter with 100 x 100 x 20 cm and 39.4 x 39 x 7.9 in. Place it inside or…

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