Be Inspired by Two Moodboards that Highlight the Fringe Design Trend

With the spring fast approaching, one design trend that often becomes a success during this season is the fringe design trend. While this trend is more regularly used in the fashion world, many interior designers resort to fringing because it adds a unique touch to home interiors. Today, the Best Design Books blog explores two singular design moodboards that highlight many products that follow this outstanding trend, so take a look.       Originally used for furniture as a way to keep textile trims from unravelling, fringe has a long history in home decor, from Victorian lampshades to hippy 60s curtains. Love it or hate it, it’s a trend that always re-emerges in fashion and decor.   Alice suspension lamp by Home’Society   For many, this design trend can be a bit over the top and especially old-fashioned, however, nowadays, others actually see it as a fabulous way to add beautiful accents to a modern interior design while also adding a flair of Art Deco. The fringe trend is light and fun, young and glamorous, and it certainly offers a splendorous touch to one’s interiors.       Skyscraper floor lamp by Home’s Society   It is especially used in throw…

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