How To Decor Your Home With Fluid Shapes 

Fluid Shapes – Fluid shapes tend to give a contemporary update to your home furniture and decoration. They have been seen, as a trend, in 2017, but will be even more present in 2019. Mixed with bold colors and intense gradients, fluid shapes are an essential interior design trend in the current year. And today, Best Design Books is going to show you how to decor your home with this amazing design trend.     LA LAND La Land is a long pile version of the Amazon rug from the botanical collection, it has several pastel colors that blend with it his fluffy feeling, which makes it a very trendy piece. SKYSCRAPER FLOOR LAMP The Skyscraper floor lamp is one of Rug’Society most original and exquisite décor pieces. With an unmistakable presence beyond its mere functional characteristics, this lamp adds a classic appeal to any setting. Delicately hand carved mahogany base with a fringe lamp’s shade, Skyscraper’s base is brilliantly finished in a white lacquer with a gradual color transition to yellow.   Nº2 CUSHION Elegant shapes in velvet, hand embroidery, natural silk and dazzling jacquards with decorations. A piece of art with a timeless SOUL. CELL GOLD With a bold graphic…

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