Floral Twist: Give Your Home Decor A Unique And Natural Touch

Floral Twist – Floral Twist Trend is here to inspire us with the power of nature! Floral prints and patterns can be seen pretty much everywhere these days in some shape or form. Be it accent pillows, beautiful wallpapers, just bedding with lovely floral print or even a wall mural that brings flowery freshness to your bedroom- there are plenty of options to choose from. Join Best Design Books and discover how you can introduce this amazing trend into your home decor.   SAVANA BOTANICAL COLLECTION With a bold graphic design and a creation without limits, we have developed a very coherent collection where we can show through noble materials, graphics and patterns different and unusual. A 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project. ANTHEIA BOTANICAL COLLECTION Antheia is the goddess of gardens, flowers, and vegetation. Inspired by the diversity of life on Earth Rug’Society create the Antheia Rug, a product that will show the power of nature and its elegance. FOREST CUSHION Starting with rugs, and now entering the world of homeware with Home’s Society, Rug’Society aims to give their clients the ability to relate to their house on a more personal and deep level, creating a line of design…

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