Design Trends: Home Interior Textiles 2019

Home Interior Textiles 2019 – Textiles play an integral role in interior design, they help to establish the tone and feel of a room, the right fabric selections are essential to timeless, sophisticated design. Today, Best Design Books is going to show you the home interior textile trends you should know for 2019/20. Take a look: GEOMETRIC PATTERN  Geometric patterns will forever be one of the most sought-after interior design trends in the industry and this happens so because these patterns and prints are so versatile that allow the creation of a comprehensive range of designs that can accommodate various tastes. ANIMAL PRINT PATTERN Animal prints in home décor can take your interiors from boring to exciting without changing the entire room. With a wide range of warm and neutral colors, animal prints are easy to incorporate into almost any décor scheme. FLORAL PATTERN Floral fabrics come in all types of patterns and sizes and look their finest when incorporated in home decor elements such as wallpapers, curtains, pillows or even furniture designs. They come to add a strong yet graceful environment to any home interior. Using patterns inspired by fauna is one of the best ways to bring nature back into your home.   Did you like this post? Feel free…

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