Find 5 Staggering Wall Mirror Designs in this Exhilarating Moodboard

Today’s topic of discussing will be slightly different as the Best Design Blogs explores five of the most staggering wall mirror designs that can be seen in an outstanding moodboard created by Trendbook. Whether Foxed, mottled or antiqued, whatever you choose to call them, distressed-style mirrors add intrigue and mystery through faded and patchy reflections, and the following mirrored pieces are no exception!     Many may have the notion that a mirror is merely a simple and practical object, yet these pieces can bright a whole room up and should be considered as a weapon to use in interior design. Wall mirrors are often used to amplify light and add drama to a division.     These decorative accessories can differ the dynamics of a room in regards to energy, depth and dimension. They can completely transform an interior space and reflect a brighter ambience, and often match perfectly with all sorts of furniture designs and accessories. These highly practical pieces will allow you to double up the space and can also be quite complementary to the surrounding furniture and accessories. Below, you can find some of the most staggering mirrored designs ever created.     Convex Metamorphosis mirror     It…

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