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design moodboard

francis sultana Admire This Palette Inspired By Francis Sultana’s Style admire palette inspired francis sultanas style

Admire This Palette Inspired By Francis Sultana’s Style

Francis Sultana – Francis Sultana is one of the world’s foremost interior and furniture designers.  Francis Sultana is the go-to interior designer for international collectors, many of whom have major contemporary art and design collections.  Join Best Design Books and discover this amazing moodboard inspired by Francis Sultana’s style.   NOVAK SOFA BY ESSENTIAL HOME Novak Sofa is a sofa that combines some details from mid-century style with a contemporary design vision. WAVE BY BOCA DO LOBO True classics never fail to make an impression and this is certainly the case for the Wave Table from Boca do Lobo. Wave is an original and stylish coffee table for a modern living room as it is also an unconventional center table for your sitting room. With great style and elegance, it creates an exclusive ambiance to your modern interiors. Developed by a Portuguese jewelry artisan, this piece is made of hand hammered copper with a black mirror top. BONSAI DINING TABLE BY BOCA DO LOBO Bonsai Dining Table boasts bold lines and character in a fantastic blend of styles and material finishes. Extreme simplicity, contemporary aesthetic and seductive power: these are the characteristics reflected in each detail that make this table love at first sight. CAY SQUARE MIRROR BY BRABBU Nature in its rawest form flows through this charismatic furniture piece as lava flows during a volcano…

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deco revival Interior Design Trend For 2019: Deco Revival Interior Design Trend For 2019 Deco Revival 1140x297

Interior Design Trend For 2019: Deco Revival

Deco Revival – Deco Revival is an explosion of brass, opaline, and velvet in a very creative way. It’s all about having fun and forgetting what’s common while rediscovering what’s essential. Today, Best Design Books bring to you Deco Revival Trend, with simplified forms, daring colors and marked geometry. Take a look:   With an art deco inspiration, Vincent is a timeless example of good taste. With a white marble base and a body handmade in solid walnut, it is the amount of detail that went into building this mid-century credenza that makes it unique. Staying true to the mid-century modern style, Marco armchair brings an uncommon round shape with curvy and comfortable arms. With a very natural and sleek look, as comfortable as it can get, this accent chair strays true to its origins. This armchair brings the velvet goodness of the bestsellers, high-quality craftsmanship and an identity of its own. It is perfect for any living room or bedroom corner, a love seat that brings comfort and coziness for two. Kleopatra, a carpet inspired by ancient Egypt, not only for the chromatic choice but also for the linear and rigid graphics that served as the basis of language throughout history….

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matte black Color Trends 2019: Introduce Matte Black Into Your Home Decor Color Trends 2019 Introduce Matte Black Into Your Home Decor 1140x297

Color Trends 2019: Introduce Matte Black Into Your Home Decor

Matte Black – Black is a color that matches everything remaining a color that can still be considered elegant. It brings a unique type of sophistication to furniture as we can see from Luxxu’s products. For that reason, Best Design Books decided to show you how to use this trend in your luxury home. Take a look:     The Guggenheim Museum is considered to be the “temple of the spirit”. Furthermore, it is the most important structure of its time. The Guggenheim chandelier was designed as a result of the leading-edge architecture. It will add a unique and sophisticated touch to your dining room.  The perfect and complex combination of gold plated hammered leaves with amber Swarovski crystals encompasses a dainty light refraction pattern that will shed its light on everything around it. The romantic and creative nature of this piece provides an artistic and glamorous feeling to any project.  McQueen floor lamp will certainly brighten everything around it. The glorious geometrical construction of the Nubian pyramids outcome a contrasting shape design. Characterized by its complexity of noble materials such as glass, walnut root veneer, and brass, Nubian Console is an elaborated embodiment of relief. A promising main focus in any surrounding. The Apotheosis TV Cabinet is a defining presence and will change…

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neutral palette Add A Zen Touch To Your Bathroom By Using Neutral Palettes Add A Zen Touch To Your Bathroom By Using Neutral Palettes 1140x297

Add A Zen Touch To Your Bathroom By Using Neutral Palettes

Neutral Palettes – Neutral bathrooms will never go out of style. The most important aspect of this kind of spaces is to introduce various subtle details that will give a bit more character to an interior. Today, Best Design Books is going to show you how you can add a zen touch to your bathroom by using neutral palettes. Take a look:   If you are looking forward to decorating your bathroom with a neutral palette, then opt for tones such as crisp white, serene cream, glam grey, and rich brown and then go all out in the accessories. This way, your bathroom will end up with a clean and serene atmosphere. This color is also future proof, your bathroom will as “on trend” in five years time as it will look the first day it has been installed. Rest assured that if you opt for a neutral coloured bathroom you have made the most of the investment in your new bathroom. Whether you’re planning a rustic bathroom with a beautiful freestanding bath or have your eye on an ultra-modern minimalist design then neutral hues are the perfect base for your design. White or light grey bathroom furniture is another superb…

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earth tones Earth Tones Will be a Dominant Force in Interior Design for 2019 featured 20 1140x500

Earth Tones Will be a Dominant Force in Interior Design for 2019

Today, the Best Design Books blog will explore an extraordinary design moodboard that highlights the magnificence of using earth tones in interior design. This unique design element consists of a palette of complementary colors, such as grey, brown, tans, green and beige as well as various shades of all of them. Earth Tones is best described as a palette of colors whose characteristics were mainly inspired by nature. Throughout this article, you’ll get to discover a wide range of interior spaces and products that best represent this style.       When combined together, these colors can harmoniously recreate the color scheme found in the outdoors. Interiors that follow this sort of design scheme are usually warm, rich and invoke a sense of unparalleled comfort.       Whether you yearn for a modern or more traditional home, earth tones work well with almost any plan. Rooms can be decorated entirely in complementary earth tone colors, and as neutrals, they can also host a bold splash of primary color for added interest. Earth tones have gained a lot of popularity in the last few decades especially due to their versatility and beauty and many interior designs and homeowners swear by these tones.    …

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bathroom interiors Mix Metals Is the Perfect 2019 Design Trend for Bathroom Interiors featured 12 1140x500

Mix Metals Is the Perfect 2019 Design Trend for Bathroom Interiors

Mix Metals Is the Perfect 2019 Design Trend for Bathroom Interiors ⇒ Today, the Best Design Books blog will showcase a unique design moodboard that is inspired by the use of more natural-looking metals. While trends like copper and rose gold may not be as strong as they used to be, chrome and anodized surfaces are bound to quite in fashion for 2019, especially the first one that is the perfect fit with the 2019’s standout colors, all of which just like this metal embody warmer qualities.     Have you heard about the expression mix metals? Well, if you haven’t let’s see … this expression is often used in the design industry when designers combine various metals into a single production, take, for example, silver, gold brass and even iron. This is done so in order to a visual appeal and depth to an interior design space. It also provides more textures and layers to the interiors and this strategy is actually rather effortless and it makes your home quite special.       One division where this can happen beautifully is the bathroom. Chrome is back and as we said before it is the idyllic material to match with…

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living coral A Colorful Match Made in Heaven: Living Coral & Dusk Blue Terracotta featured 6 1140x500

A Colorful Match Made in Heaven: Living Coral & Dusk Blue Terracotta

Pantone has for 20 years influence product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries by setting the best color trends. Yearly selecting innovative hues that are bound to change the interior design of one’s home, Pantone has recently unveiled the 2019 color of the year and the winner hue is Living Coral. This warm shade is referenced as #16-1546 Living Coral and is bound to provide a welcoming touch to your home decor. Today, the Best Design Books blog has come across a color combination that is a match made in heaven in an utterly inspiring design moodboard, and that is Living Coral and Dusk Blue Terracotta! Throughout this article, you’ll get to see amazing interior design spaces that highlight these two beautiful tones and their various shades.     Vibrant yet mellow, Pantone 16-1546 living coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort in our continually shifting environment. In reaction to the increase of digital technology and seeing that social media is more embedded in one’s daily life, this unique color tone emerges a way to introduce immersive experiences that give room for connections and intimacy. Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral…

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