How To Introduce Cultural Fusion Into Your Home Decor

Cultural Fusion – Globalization is bringing people of the East and West closer. People get inspired by what and who they see online and this goes beyond whatever culture they are living in. Cultural Fusion shows the raise of a truly global consumer, that is redefining their identity in countries all over the world. Join Best Design Books and discover how to introduce this design trend into your home decor.   Culture Fusion brings together a diverse mix of cultural references. A colorful mix of influences ignites our sense of community and togetherness. Red-based earthy tones and spicy yellows are at the heart of this trend. Patterns, artefacts and even elements of cultural identity are combined to define a new sense of shared visual identity. MEDINA CLASSIC COLLECTION With a bold graphic design and a creation without limits, they have developed a very coherent collection where we can show through noble materials, graphics and patterns different and unusual. A 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project. GOROKA SIDE TABLE Goroka is known for its dazzling explosion of color and feathers as a way to impress the enemy. GOROKA Side Table takes inspiration from this tribe located in Papua…

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