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color trends 2019

black and gold Color Trends 2019: Introduce Black And Gold Into Your Home Decor Color Trends 2019 Introduce Black And Gold Into Your Home Decor 1140x287

Color Trends 2019: Introduce Black And Gold Into Your Home Decor

Black And Gold – The black and gold design trend is a versatile color combination that lends itself to a lot of different design styles and is capable of making your home look and feel exclusive. Black and gold is generally identified as a luxurious color combination, and its certainly setting the bar when it comes to the interior decor at the moment. Today, Best Design Books is going to show how to introduce this design trend into your home decor.   Covet House is the perfect example of a brand which heavily promotes this style. The Diamond Metamorphosis Sideboard is one good example of it. With the presence of black and gold in your space, your home will most definitely gain a unique look that is sure to distinguish it from others. The two colors together are perfect for creating a wonderful sense of an elevated interior. Black is often seen as a seductive, powerful and authoritative color that can evoke lots of strong emotions. Gold is extremely versatile when it comes to interior design as it combines with pretty much everything, from other textures and materials to colors and types of furnishings. NEWTON SIDE TABLE Newton side table is an insightful…

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mid-century 2019 Color Trends: Mid-Century Furniture  2019 Color Trends Mid Century Furniture  1140x287

2019 Color Trends: Mid-Century Furniture 

Mid-Century Furniture – If you love mid-century furniture and you’re looking to kick-start your home refresh by indulging in new hues, then this is the perfect article for you! Today, Best Design Books is going to present you 2019 color trends inspired by some amazing mid-century furniture by the luxury brand Essential Home.   WHITE AND GOLD Kelly Bar Chair Inspired by the sculpted arches from the bar in the classic movie Casablanca, it’s a timeless and unforgettable piece. Besides being stylish, it is made to be comfortable and stand the test of time. OLIVE  Russel Dining Chair A mix of mid-century aesthetics with a contemporary twist. This dining chair is a timeless seductive velvet layered over a comfy foam frame on the top. MINT VELVET Sophia Sofa A particular bench seat sofa that draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Mid-century Modern Design. Stitched from the top to the bottom, with a base made of gold-plated brass and button tufted sides. LIVING CORAL Monroe Armchair  An enchanting piece fit for glamorous interiors with a velvet touch that makes it even more luxurious than its design entails. It is fully upholstered in velvet and has a brass trim on the base,…

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cantaloupe Color Trends 2019: Introduce Cantaloupe Into Your Home Decor Color Trends 2019 Introduce Cantaloupe Into Your Home Decor 1140x287

Color Trends 2019: Introduce Cantaloupe Into Your Home Decor

Cantaloupe – Cantaloupe is a soft undertone of bright orange, lighter shades of red and mellow yellow. It’s a silkier version of the youthful oranges that have been making noise recently. And today, Best Design Books decided to show you how you can introduce this design trend into your home decor. Prepare to be amazed:   Cantaloupe promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth. Orange is really having a moment now and this cantaloupe is so much more beautiful and easier to be used in the interiors than bold orange. Inspired to melon, this juicy shade is at the same time bright but milky and soft, yet quite easy to use. Cantaloupe is also close to the mix of the two main color trends now in interiors: the pastel color trend and the earthy tones, with rust and terracotta orange on top. Get The Look:  Cantaloupe is easy to incorporate like the Gable Dining Chair, a dining chair from Essential Home. Its curved low back has some stitched seam accents that give it a stylish look. GET PRICE   What do you think about Cantaloupe interior design trend? Feel free to comment and share! YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Elevate Your Living…

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color trends 2019 Home Interior Color Trends 2019 Home Interior Color Trends 1140x287

2019 Home Interior Color Trends

Home Interior Color Trends – Best Design Books decided to present you 2019 home interior color trends. So, if you’re looking to kick-start your home refresh by indulging in new hues, check out these top color trends for your home:     NEO MINT This is the color of the future that everyone will want to use, but just a few interior design enthusiasts will really appreciate! Refreshing without frost, different but not abnormal, altruistic and refined, the neo mint tone is a retro color that not only shows the future but takes you to the past at the same time! Whether it is on the wall or in unique lighting design, like the letter Q from Delightfull’s graphics collection, this retro color is the key to a successful vintage style project!   TAWNEY BROWN Bring a cozy luxurious feeling to your living room décor with a Tawney Brown inspired interior design. When paired with a warm fireplace, a soft black and a hot café au lait, in the winter season, this unique color tone is the cherry on the top of the cake because it brings the meaning of coziness into your home décor! This nostalgic color doesn’t have to be in massive furnishings or on the walls, a unique lighting design like the bronze Botti Pendant will do the trick! CLOUD PINK For timeless interior design, pink is the way to go! Whatever the season, year or decade, this color tone has…

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color trends Color Trends 2019: Orange Will Make a Bold Statement in the Industry featured 1 1140x500

Color Trends 2019: Orange Will Make a Bold Statement in the Industry

Color Trends: For 2019, orange alongside yellow are expected to be two of the main colors to be used in the interior design industry. Drawing from a true “70-inspired palette”, these two moody hues will certainly be favorites when it comes to the realm of decorative accents, furnishings, and paints. In this article, our blog will go more into depth about the uniqueness of the orange vibe.     Inspired by the depth and richness of terracotta, the color orange will come to embody a certain rusty quality, emulating the organic source of its inspiration. Yellows, while as bright and cheery as they may be, will come more muted in finish albeit, there will be no comprising on its vibrancy or alluring draw.     GET PRICE   When we think about the color orange our thoughts automatically the shades of pumpkin and fruit. There are a variety of oranges like terracotta, tangerine, rust, ochre, and other earthy tones that move either into the yellow or brown realm.   GET PRICE   GET PRICE   One of the best shades of orange is Tangerine Tango, this unique tone reminiscent of the radiant shadings of sunset results from the marriage between the…

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color trends Color Trends: See How Cloud Pink Can Become the Shade of the Future featured 3 1140x500

Color Trends: See How Cloud Pink Can Become the Shade of the Future

For 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design, as well as product, packaging, and graphic design. One of the major color trends that the institute has been keeping an eye out for is Cloud Pink, and this spectacular shade is the perfect complement a wide variety of spaces, from restaurants and stores to even kids bedrooms.     Regarded as a natural evolution from Millennial pink, the soft and feminine appeal of Cloud Pink is indescribable. This light-toned pink connotes of sweetness and tenderness. When applied to interiors, it adds warmth and a more whimsical touch to one’s spaces.         Pink is a color of extremes and its versatile nature is part of what keeps consumers coming back. The proof of that can be the extreme variety of pieces that out can make with that shade. You can even make a complete bedroom out of it.       Whether you opt to introduce this color in a sofá, bed, a vanity console or even the walls of your kid’s bedroom, the result will be simply outstanding. One of the…

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