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Living Room Collected Interiors: Modern Step-by-Step Design Book Guide

Collected Interiors – Living Room Collected Interiors is our new step by step guide to modern design. This is just one of seven individual design books, part of the Collected Interiors Book. A well-designed living room appeals to our senses and entices us to spend the time we deserve in it. It is one of the locations that receive the most attention while designing, thus it is significant to us. Living Room Collected Interiors The Collected Interiors Books Believing that interior design must provide comfort, elegance, and sophistication, and being aware that different home divisions require different atmospheres and colours, this collection of interior design books promises to be a room-by-room guide-through on how to find fierce, resilient and timeless products for people’s homes that reflect their personalities and way of living. This collection is composed of 8 step-by-step design books. From these, 7 are exclusively about one home division and how to decorate it with the latest product design trends – living & dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms & closets, hall & entryways and kitchens – and 1 with all the previous rooms, as well as additional tips and tricks on how to decorate them with any style. Living Room Collected Interiors The Living Room Living room design and decor are not always easy. The living room should be a reflection of everyone that inhabits…

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