Home Decor by PTang Studio

PTang Studio, based in Hong Kong, is a architectural and interior design firm that strives for the finest quality and innovation. With a fresh and unique style, this studio gets back to basics while looking for comfort and understanding individual needs. PTang Studio is one of China’s most recognized interior design firms with projects like Serenade, with which the firm won several prizes last year. Home Decor by PTang Studio (published by Loft Publications) is a showcase for the agency’s projects that transcend conventional boundaries and widen the horizon of design in the visionary future. The book is dividided into two sections: residential and commercial, with a total of 20 projects. “The simplicity is refreshing and much like the succinct name of the book — everything is precise and direct.” “Every project comes with a small explanation of the idea behind it, the size, the design and of the elements that stand out. This is followed by a small diagram of the layout and an array of amazing images which ensures that their work remains the protagonist in the book. However, one may argue that this is just a compilation of pretty pictures but the detailing in each image speaks volumes. It is…

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