Cassis Color: The Design Trend Your Bedroom Needs

Cassis Color – Today, the Best Design Books blog will talk about a very specific color, Cassis. This unique shade is a bit darker, it’s more sophisticated than eggplant but still colorful and rich in texture. Often seen in velvety pieces, the Cassis color can be considered to be gender-neutral and modern. All around it is a desirable fusion of pink with purple as well as a few hues of gray and this tone has become quite appreciate in the interior design and fashion industries. Join us and discover how you can introduce this amazing color in your bedroom!     GABLE SINGLE SOFA BY ESSENTIAL HOME GET PRICE Gable is a single sofa inspired in the heartthrob icon Clark Gable. It is upholstered in luxurious cotton velvet, sit-on-top of a polished brass cylindrical base that swivels. It’s low back and armless structure others a bohemian twist on a classic lounge chair style. SUSY BY RUG SOCIETY GET PRICE Susy rug has a graphic design inspired by photographs of Architecture Conjugation of light/shadow games and perspectives with reliefs Colors in shades of brown with reference to the furniture, great part in wood, produced in Century Mid Century. NUI STOOL BY BRABBU GET PRICE Rapa Nui is a seafaring civilization known for creating the famous Easter Island statues. NUI Stool honors these people in the shape of an…

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