Book review: Vintage Cars

The timeless beauty of antique automobiles elicits an emotional reaction, and avid collectors will spend millions on vintage models for the nostalgia they evoke. Another luxury edition by Assouline for design and cars lovers. A model’s value is a combination of its rarity and also the quality and pride of craftsmanship with which cars were once built.   Featuring exquisite photography of premium models by renowned photographer Laziz Hamani, Vintage Cars is a tribute to the great automobiles of the past and the undeniable fascination they hold for many passionate collectors today. The author Former executive director of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, and a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance judge for twenty-five years, Ken Gross has been the guest curator for seven critically acclaimed exhibitions of significant automobiles in fine art museums across the United States. Along with those exhibitions’ catalogs, his books include Hot Rods and Custom Cars: Los Angeles and The Dry Lakes; Art of the Hot Rod; Hot Rod Milestones; The Illustrated BMW Buyer’s Guide; andFerrari 250GT SWB. The author of Behind the Headlights, an acclaimed SPEED/TV series, Gross also co-wrote Rockin’ Garages with Tom Cotter. He’s a recipient of the Automotive Hall of Fame…

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