Book review: Alexandre Reza

Born in Moscow, Alexandre Reza quickly conquered the City of Light – and then, the world – with the most exclusive jewelry. One of the world’s most dignified jewelers, gemologists and legendary gem collectors is celebrated in this lavish Assouline edition. Alexandre Reza, the book, is part of Assouline’s Ultimate collection and is filled with original photography by Laziz Hamani and text by Vivienne Becker. According to David Bennett, chairman, Sotheby’s international jewelry division, Europe and Middle East, who wrote the preface, the book is “the first major study devoted to the life and work of Alexandre Reza”. This edition presents more than one hundred rare pieces of Reza’s creations. It also includes a history of the famed gem house in archival documents and vintage photography. Here we are able to observe in exuberant detail many vivid photos of several masterpieces from Reza’s collection, whose colors capture our attention out of the pages. See also: Book Review: Interior Design Philosophy by Jorge Canete Reza was famed among his colleagues for the supreme order in which he kept his gemstones, each carefully labeled. “It is said he never forgot a stone out of the thousands he saw; he possessed an extraordinary faculty,…

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