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Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights in Contemporary Morocco
Interior Design

Arabian Nights in Contemporary Morocco

Arabian Nights in Contemporary Morocco – From fragrant, labyrinthine souks and delectable cuisine to breathtaking landscapes and welcoming people: Morocco might be a stone’s throw from Spain, but it continues to inspire visions of an exotic haven. This edition brings together an eclectic selection of homes to showcase the best of Moroccan wonders, complete with exclusive, never-before-seen photographs. Though it lies just across the Mediterranean from Europe, barely a stone’s throw from Spain’s southernmost tip, Morocco couldn’t possibly be farther away. With its mountainous and desert landscapes, labyrinthine souks, delectable cuisine, exquisite rugs and textiles, vibrant mosaics, fragrant odors, mesmerizing music, and welcoming people, Morocco is a most alluring and tantalizingly exotic destination. Digging a little deeper into the myth of Morocco, Barbara and René Stoeltie bring us this eclectic selection of homes to demonstrate all that is most wonderful about the Moroccan style: from tiled, turquoise swimming pools and lavish gardens to carved wooden furniture and jade-colored marble fountains. With more than 500 pages featuring brand new, unpublished photographs, flipping through these fairy tale–like visions of exotic havens (ideally while sipping a steaming cup of sweet, fragrant mint tea) will instantly whisk you away. The authors Barbara and René Stoeltie both began their careers…

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La Mamounia by Laure Verchere

Since it’s founding in the eleventh century, Marrakech has known an exceptional fate, as well as beauty. In this city, intricate design and craftsmanship can be found everywhere, in mosques, palaces, and schools, and even throughout ponds and gardens. Marrakech’s famed hotel La Mamounia is intimately linked to this flourishing of Moroccan artisanship, which has contributed to making its status as a world-class venue. In 2009, La Mamounia finished a complete revival, thanks to three years of renovations organized by the French decorator Jacques Garcia, in close collaboration with many Moroccan craftsmen. Among its walls, floors, and tapestries, run your fingers over arabesques and fine calligraphy. The decorative repertoire here is of great wealth, an inheritance of both a Hispano-Moorish past and of the present local cultures, incorporated by Garcia. From the fineness of an embroidered silk to the splendor of carved marble, La Mamounia pays them all tribute, celebrating these materials integrated among the comfort and luxurious hospitality here. To turn the pages of this stunning book is to embark on a sensorial journey, one that celebrates the refined Moroccan lifestyle. Be a virtual guest at La Mamounia—where visitors enter and ascend a gorgeous staircase, inhaling the sweet fragrance…

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