‘Bookbook’ the Ikea book that parodies Apple

Launched recently, the presentation of 2015 IKEA catalogue comes in a video format and parodies Apple. The video was posted on Ikea Singapore’s Youtube page and at time of press had seen more than 700,000 plays. “Introducing the 2015 IKEA catalog. It’s not a digital book or an e-book. It’s a bookbook.” The catalogue for IKEA‘s 2015 collection is presented as if it were the latest tech offering from Apple in this short movie revealed on one of the Swedish homeware brand’s YouTube channels. “Content comes pre-installed via 328 high-definition pages of inspiring furnishing ideas. To start browsing, simply touch and grab. Right to left to move forwards, left to right to move backwards.” “The commercial goes on to illustrate all the positive “features” of said Bookbook, including its lack of a charging cable and completely full battery life at all times, of course. The 7.5 by 8 inch “interface,” or the size of the pages in the catalog itself, can expand all the way to 15 inches… when you open it up and look at a spread.” in PC Mag. Created by ad agency BBH, the spoof-style movie announces the launch of the IKEA “bookbook” – a 328-page catalogue that includes features such as “eternal battery life” and…

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