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Rajasthan Style a Western dream of the Orient

Rajasthan Style a Western dream of the Orient – “To travel to Rajasthan is to leave behind the world of commotion and confusion, of gloomy gray concrete, and forget the sometimes callous modern customs of the West. In Rajasthan one encounters marvel after marvel; one is surprised by beauty in all its forms—real or imaginary—and enchantment at every turn.” These words of introduction by Laure Vernière perfectly illustrate the spirit of this volume, and the photography of Anne Garde reveals the author’s vision of Rajasthan, the “Land of Kings” she has cherished for years. A travel journal composed by four hands, this photographic opus expresses the sublime beauty of the people, nature, and places of this legendary region of India. From palaces to singular creative interiors, this promenade through the myriad colors and traditional handicrafts of Rajasthan captures the idealized Western dream of the Orient. See also: Book Review: Once Upon a Chair… Anne Garde creates innovative artworks inspired by industrial sites and places of memory, to showcase a side of the Western world that resists globalization. Architecture, cities, ports, factories, vacant lots, bunkers, bridges, and roads are transformed through her lens. Extralight (Verlhac, 2008). Garde is equally fascinated by the…

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