2018 Design Books Guide

Written by Carina Sá 2018 Design Books Guide – Best Design Books selection for every design and book lovers! Check the Gallery:   The Big Book of Chic – Internationally acclaimed interior design sensation Miles Redd is known for his quirky brand of cozy glamour. His unique aesthetic vision is characterized by playful mélanges of high and low, invigorated with whimsical splashes of color and modern gestures. Art House – Art House chronicles an extraordinary life dedicated to living with art, and a friendship devoted to designing homes to honor it. Katharine Pooley – Pooley has traveled extensively around the world, indulging her love of mountain climbing whenever possible, and her journeys are clearly reflected in her bold, eclectic, and daring designs. Covet House Inspirations Book – The ultimate Design Bible. An exquisite Catalogue with more than 1000 illustrated products and 1250 inspirations. Very practical, it is divided in all product categories and technical information needed to create upcoming interior design projects. The best way to find the best solutions and ideas. All the questions about the world’s top design pieces can be answered inside this collector’s book. Ottoman Chic – Standing at the crossroads of many cultures, Ottoman style is…

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