Akris by Valerie Steele

Much like the Akris brand, the company’s 90th anniversary celebration early last week at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City was a decidedly understated affair. The guest of honour, Akris designer and creative director Albert Kriemler, chatted up guests while signing copies of the book “1922 2012 Akris,” which chronicles the evolution of his family’s business. Despite having jetted in from Europe the day before, the designer and creative director preferred to stand to greet fans of the brand and the espresso that was set on the edge of his signing table was left untouched. “There is no time for jet lag,” he said with a laugh. Fittingly, the idea to mark the family-owned Akris’ milestone sprang from a next-of-kin gathering. “We were celebrating the 90th birthday of our father and he mentioned how my grandmother started the company three months before she gave birth to him,” Kriemler said. Progressive as Alice Kriemler-Schoch was for the Roaring Twenties, Kriemler views his mission as one that encompasses the needs of these times we live in without walking away from the past. “I think it is my duty to bring the product forward and to keep up with that modernity,” he said….

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