An In-depth Look at Tiffany Lamps

An In-depth Look at Tiffany Lamps – Tiffany-Studios New York (1880-1930) was founded by a prestigious collaborative of designers known as the Associated Artists, whose were considered the american artists most associated with Art Nouveau and Aesthetic movements. In 1881 Tiffany Studios did the interior design of the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut, which still remains, but the new firm’s most notable work came in 1882 when President Chester Alan Arthur refused to move into the White House until it had been redecorated. See also: Book Presentation: Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn with Video He commissioned Tiffany Studios, who had begun to make a name for himself in New York society for the firm’s interior design work, to redo the state rooms, which Arthur found charmless. Tiffany Studios worked on the East Room, the Blue Room, the Red Room, the State Dining Room and the Entrance Hall, refurnishing, repainting in decorative patterns, installing newly designed mantelpieces, changing to wallpaper with dense patterns and, of course, adding Tiffany glass to gaslight fixtures, windows and adding the opalescent floor to ceiling glass screen in the Entrance Hall.   More than interior design, Tiffany Studios is recognized by the beautiful stained glass lamps. This book explores the construction, fabrication, design, and qualities of authentic Tiffany lamps made between 1900…

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