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2019 design trends


Elevate Your Living Room With Velvet 

Velvet – Velvet has been back for a while now but we still can’t get enough of it. Tactile and durable with a hint of decadence, the texture will instantly turn a room from drab to fab. Today, Best Design Books is going to show how to introduce these interior design trends into your home decor. Take a look: Velvet is such a good fabric to include in your furniture on your home decor. The velvet texture will add some feeling of opulence, elegance and some luxurious ambiance to your room. I think is safe to say that there’s no doubt that velvet has the ability to function well in any division of a house, since the bedroom to a living room. CHARLA TWO SEAT SOFA Charla two seat sofa is a splendid object of boundless elegance with an opulent touch. This marvelous composition for two is the perfect example of timeless lines with a modern twist, by using a complexity of luxurious materials, such as velvet, brass and lacquered wood. An imperative in the Charla family successor lineage. OTTO ARMCHAIR  Otto armchair is LUXXU’s omen to its prosperous future, a luxurious design Empire. Made with noble materials, such as velvet and…

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How To Use Metallic Black Matte In A Luxury Decor

Written by Daniel Cardoso Metallic Black Matte –   Black is a color that matches everything remaining a color that can still be considered elegant. It brings a unique type of sophistication to furniture. With this design trend, you will elevate your living room design. Best Design Books decided to show everything you need to know about this trend and how to style it. Take a look: The clean-cut lines in this sideboard is a perfect look for this trend.  While being inspired by the romantic period, it makes the entire space it occupies pop up in an explosion of style and modernity. As the name explains, this Diamond Metamorphosis makes an office go through a transformation into greatness. To elevate the sense of explosion and reflection that the metallic creates, a luxurious suspension will be a great idea in any room. We suggest you the Explosion Suspension, where strong attention to mighty and luxury detail is reflected in the numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms which orbit around a center sphere. For the floor, the mixture of black and gold will bring back the retro-style that can be used in a living room that desires a mid-century kind of design. The Duke Floor by Delightfull is the perfect…

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Mix Metals Is the Perfect 2019 Design Trend for Bathroom Interiors

Mix Metals Is the Perfect 2019 Design Trend for Bathroom Interiors ⇒ Today, the Best Design Books blog will showcase a unique design moodboard that is inspired by the use of more natural-looking metals. While trends like copper and rose gold may not be as strong as they used to be, chrome and anodized surfaces are bound to quite in fashion for 2019, especially the first one that is the perfect fit with the 2019’s standout colors, all of which just like this metal embody warmer qualities.     Have you heard about the expression mix metals? Well, if you haven’t let’s see … this expression is often used in the design industry when designers combine various metals into a single production, take, for example, silver, gold brass and even iron. This is done so in order to a visual appeal and depth to an interior design space. It also provides more textures and layers to the interiors and this strategy is actually rather effortless and it makes your home quite special.       One division where this can happen beautifully is the bathroom. Chrome is back and as we said before it is the idyllic material to match with…

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