A Colorful Match Made in Heaven: Living Coral & Dusk Blue Terracotta

      Pantone has for 20 years influence product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries by setting the best color trends. Yearly selecting innovative hues that are bound to change the interior design of one’s home, Pantone has recently unveiled the 2019 color of the year and the winner hue is Living Coral. This warm shade is referenced as #16-1546 Living Coral and is bound to provide a welcoming touch to your home decor. Today, the Best Design Books blog has come across a color combination that is a match made in heaven in an utterly inspiring design moodboard, and that is Living Coral and Dusk Blue Terracotta! Throughout this article, you’ll get to see amazing interior design spaces that highlight these two beautiful tones and their various shades.     Vibrant yet mellow, Pantone 16-1546 living coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort in our continually shifting environment. In reaction to the increase of digital technology and seeing that social media is more embedded in one’s daily life, this unique color tone emerges a way to introduce immersive experiences that give room for connections and intimacy. Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of Pantone…

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