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Best-Design-Magazines-July-Issues  BEST DESIGN MAGAZINES: JULY ISSUES Elle Decoration Uk Juky issue cover


This is Summer Time, the best season of the year, for most of us. Today Best Design Books will give you a sneak peak at the July issues of some of the best design magazines. As you will see Summer is the main theme of almost all of these incredible magazines full of advices and tricks for your home. The beautiful publications featured in this post will be  Elle Decoration, Living Etc and House & Home Elle Decoration Uk July issue What to see and do in the Summer. This is the main theme of the July issue of Elle Decoration. Take a look at the video to discover what else you can read in the latest issue of the magazine.       Living ETC July issue Do you need inspirational ideas for your home? Then you must check this issue of Living ETC. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to get the summer vibe and ideas for the home.   House & Home July issue The best of summer living. The themes says it all. You must take a look at the July issue of House&Home! Now that you have a sneak peak at the best interior design magazines like Elle Decoration, Living Etc and House & Home I hope that you are inspired. Have…

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Top-10-most-iconic-Vogue-magazine-covers-of-all-time  Top 10 most iconic Vogue magazine covers of all time Top 10 most iconic Vogue magazine covers of all time

Top 10 most iconic Vogue magazine covers of all time

Today, Best Design Books will share with you an interesting post found on Interior Design Magazines Blog. Vogue is one of the most iconic magazines in the world. This is a fact. No matter if you like or not, fashion and celebrities, when you think “most famous magazines in the world” Vogue always comes to mind. There’s no way around it. Some of the articles and covers of Vogue have such an impact on our society that we can’t forget some of them! This is how powerful Vogue magazine can be! Vogue can make any fashion stylish, any celebrity recognized all over the world. Whoever has the privilege to be featured on Vogue‘s cover…it will have an instant increase of popularity! If they’re on the cover…it’s because they are important! Throughout the years this publication has created some of the best, most iconic covers  of all time. Vogue‘s covers are expected by millions of fashion lovers. “Who will be the celebrity on the cover this month?” This is the million dollar question! Take a look at top 10 of the best Vogue magazine covers of all time. Vogue – January 2013 On the cover – Gwen Stefani   Vogue – May 2004 On the cover – Nicole Kidman   Vogue…

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Best Design Magazines: June Issues Best Design Magazines Elle decoration cover

Best Design Magazines: June Issues

Spring let us spend more time outdoors and to enjoy Nature, but for majority the Summer is the most anticipated season of the year. Summer is almost here and we can relax at the garden or the beach in the company of a book, ou a magazine. It seems good, right? So today, Best Design Books will give you a sneak peak at the June issues of the best design magazines. The outstanding publications featured in this post will be Architectural Digest, Wallpaper Magazine, Frame Magazine, Elle Decoration and Living Etc! Elle Decoration UK June issue What you can read: The June issue of Elle Decoration gives you lots of tips and tricks for you and your home. This is an issue you can’t miss! Check Elle Decoration‘s top 100 buys under £100, learn some secrets from celebrity chefs and be inspired by some fantastic interior designs! Wallpaper Magazine – June issue What you can read: If you’re the kind of person that loves to be in touch with the latest technology news, the June issue of  Wallpaper Magazine is for you! Living Etc – June issue What you can read:  The June issue of Living Etc is all about color. You will see some fantastic interior designs and you can get good tips on how…

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top 10 design magazines Top 10 Design Magazines Smithsonian 1102 1

Top 10 Design Magazines

Top 10 Design Magazines – Today I invite you to discover the top 10 design magazines list where you can get inspiration, know the best interior decor ideas, fashion and lifestyle also, as well as great architecture projects. If you are a art lover, if you like contemporary art, travel, culture, new technologies, photography or music you will surely find interesting and useful the follow list. 1. WALLPAPER* Wallpaper* magazine features the foremost of international design, art and lifestyle, offering limited-edition covers designed by premier artists. Wallpaper* magazine provides its readers with the latest in modern design from around the globe, including fashion, travel, interiors and cars. 2. ART IN AMERICA Art in America magazine creates a fascinating picture of the ever-changing art scene both in the U.S. and abroad. Each issue of Art in America magazine features everything from contemporary to classical painting, sculpture, photograph and critiques of exciting new talents and important looks. 3. ARTNEWS ARTnews is the award-winning news magazine of the world of art. 4. SMITHSONIAN Smithsonian magazine, published by the Smithsonian Museum, uniquely covers nature, history, archeology, science, popular culture and the arts. Find in-depth features, news and photography in each issue of Smithsonian magazine. Published 11 times per year…

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The 5 Most Expensive Books in the World Shakeeper cover the first folio book

The 5 Most Expensive Books in the World

There are books for all tastes and pockets. Pocket and luxury books. We suggest 5 og the most expensive books in the world. For all the reasons these books are ideal for collector. These collectors are willing to pay whatever it takes to be the proud owners of these books. At every international auction there are many of passionate collectors, with books is no difference. “For centuries, books were a luxury reserved only for royalty, the clergy or the very affluent. The painstaking work behind each page, carefully written and illustrated by hand, made a masterpiece of each book, singular and unique items that took many years to complete. And while the advent of printing allowed mass production; many of these early copies are now the object of desire for passionate bibliophiles.” By Azure. Below the list of 5 most expensive books in the world: 1. Birds of America, by John James Audubon Recently, the auction house Christie’s in New York auctioned a copy of John James Audubon’s Birds of America. Already considered the most expensive printed book in history, this piece was sold in 2010 for $11.5 million. In fact, according to experts, a list of the 10 most…

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In the spirit of Las Vegas capabestdesignbooks

In the spirit of Las Vegas

Take a trip through the bright lights and blazing colours of Sin City with this coffee-table homage to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Writer Jennifer Worthington explores its humble beginnings in the Mojave Desert, through to its rise to fame as the premier playground of the Rat Pack. Capturing the seductive allure of the legendary gambling paradise, it’s filled with sumptuous shots of the starlets, showgirls and scandal-makers that have helped propel it to international infamy. Initially a one-horse outpost in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas has become the symbol of entertainment of our twenty-first-century world. The history of this strange city is a fabulous mix between reality and dreams. Its heroes are Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Howard Hughes. Its scenes are casinos, extravagant hotels, gigantic boxing rings, or spectacular sets for cult films, like Casino, Ocean’s Eleven, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Sin City attracts millions of people each year, thousands of couples, and makes both fortunes and ruins. Frank Sinatra with Elvis Presley Ocean’s eleven This book chronicles the rise of this special desert oasis and the way it became the ultimate dream destination. A selected guide completes the volume with information…

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Cadillac Limited Edition Book

The Cadillac has become a symbol of Americana, the ultimate achievement of the American Dream. The iconic American luxury brand, renowned for its high-performance and high style automobiles, celebrates its 110th anniversary with this beautifully illustrated volume. Cadillac takes readers on a visual journey through all the decades of its history. Here are presidents and Hollywood stars, closed-body cars and concept cars, the classic and the cutting-edge. Cadillac enthusiasts and car collectors alike will delight in an edition that brings to life the powerful and seductive energy of an American legend. Featuring over 200 full-colour photographs, the book chronicles the evolution of the Cadillac brand, from its first closed-body automobile in 1905 to the first electric car and the ubiquitous Escalade in 2009, to the brand-new 2013 ATS. Cadillac has also made a major impact on popular culture in music, film, art, and fashion, as illustrated in this collector’s item: from Elvis Presley, an avid Cadillac collector, to Bruce Springsteen’s hit song “Pink Cadillac,” to Prada, with its Cadillac design–inspired shoe, to Andy Warhol’s famed Twelve Cadillacs. In this both stylish and well-documented book, readers will discover why Cadillac truly is the Standard of the World.

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gino sarfatti complete works Gino Sarfatti Complete Works 1938-1973 flos sarfatti showroom 1

Gino Sarfatti Complete Works 1938-1973

Gino Sarfatti Complete Works 1938-1973  would have been Sarfatti’s 100th birthday, and to mark the occasion Silvana Editoriale published this wonderful book with the complete work of Gino Sarfatti. By Marco Romanelli and Sandra Severi See also: Book Review: LEE, a Signed Copy By Lee Radziwill Book review: Carrier and Company – Positively Chic Gino Sarfatti is possibly the most important lighting designer in the history of Italian design.After abandoning his studies in aeronautical engineering for financial reasons, Sarfatti founded the internationally renowned interior design firm Arteluce. Between founding the beloved Arteluce in 1939 and selling it to Flos in 1973, Sarfatti designed and produced more than 600 lighting fixtures continuously exploring innovative new ways of manufacturing and shaping the bulbs, cords and stands that light our interior worlds, even making pioneering use of halogen bulbs in fixtures as early as 1971. His preference for the status of “technician” over “artist” may have contributed to his lack of recognition in the art world, but this publication amply makes up for the oversight and illuminates his many achievements in more than 1,000 images. See also: Book Review: 1000 Chairs Book Review: New New York Interiors For the lovers of stilnovo lamps the Gino Sarfatti Edition N°1 collection will be on sale…

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